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Typhoon Water Flosser

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Our beautifully designed water flossers will remove food from between teeth and remove plaque from your gum line with ease! Proven to be much more effective than string flossing! With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, no longer do you have to be chained to your cord in order to clean your teeth.
Includes: One Typhoon Water Flosser, 4 removable flossing heads, one charging cord
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Still flossing with string? So Passé!

Programmed with 3 speeds, the Typhoon Water Flosser is proven to remove more plaque than string floss ever could. With a powerful rechargeable battery, the Typhoon can run continuously for over 10 minutes before needing a recharge so there's no need to be chained to your power cord in order to clean your teeth! And unlike other clunky water flossers, the Typhoon has a sleek design and comes in 4 colors to add some style to your flossing routine.

  • Designed for men and women
  • Waterproof and non-slip design
  • Removable and replaceable floss head
  • 3 modes: regular, gentle, pulsating
  • High frequency water pulses effectively remove plaque and cleans between teeth
  • USB charging function with LED indication of different modes
  • Overcharge protector that shuts of charging when battery is fully charged

Instruction Manual

Flossing made easy for everyone!

Do you have braces, wires of just find it difficult to floss with string so you just… don't? The Typhoon water flosser is the solution! Programmed with 3 speeds so it's gentle enough even for the most sensitive teeth.

Sharing a Flossing Head? No Way!

You wouldn't share a string of floss or a toothbrush, so why would you share a water flosser head? The Typhoon comes with 4 color-coded flossing heads, so everyone can have their own.

Things to know


  1. Charge for 3-4 hours before using it. The Flosser does not come fully charged. As it is charging, the speed lights will blink. Once all 3 lights stop blinking but stay lit, the Flosser is fully charged and you're ready to get started.
  2. Place a Flosser Tip into the hole port and push firmly into place. Once you hear or feel a click, the watertight seal is activated, and leak-free.
  3. To fill with water, open the reservoir by pulling open the rubber plug.
  4. Place the tip of the flosser in your mouth and press the on/off button. It takes a minute or two for the water to pass through.
  5. Move the tip from tooth gap to tooth gap letting water flow for 2-3 seconds between each tooth. Actively keep the flosser close to the gumline as it will massage your gums and remove unwanted plaque.
  6. It should take you anywhere from 40-80 seconds to fully floss your teeth with the Typhoon.


  1. The Typhoon MUST be unplugged before you use it. It will not turn on if plugged in.
  2. If there is only air and no water coming out of the Flosser, you can either suck the air through the tip quickly to restore the water flow or empty the water and flip the tube upside down.
  3. DO NOT leave water in the Flosser for long periods of time unused.
  4. The Typhoon is waterproof, but do not fully immerse in water.


  1. After using, dry off Flosser with a fresh towel
  2. Occasionally remove Nozzle and rinse with warm water. With nozzle removed, clean nozzle port with cotton swab to prevent bacteria from building up.
  3. If bacteria is observed, use soap and water to clean the area.
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