Oral Care Products

What is the difference between the Go Sonic, USB Sonic and Pro Sonic toothbrushes?

 Go SonicUSB SonicPro Sonic
Max VPM 31,000 40,000 45,000
Battery 1 AAA Lithium Ion, Rechargeable Lithium Ion, Rechargeable
Battery life 9 months + (alkaline) 3 months + 4 months +
USB Cord N/A Yes Yes
Charging base N/A No Yes
Speeds 2 3 4
Brush heads included 2 2 2
Ventilated Cap Yes Yes Yes
Two minute timer Yes Yes Yes
Quadrant pacer Yes Yes Yes

How do you charge the USB Sonic Toothbrush?

Open the USB cover at the bottom of the toothbrush. Plug the micro USB end of the USB cord into the end of the toothbrush and then plug the standard USB end of the USB cord into an adapter, then into the wall.

How do you charge the Pro Sonic Toothbrush?

Plug the micro USB end of the cord into the charging base, then plug the standard end of USB into an adapter, then into the wall. Lastly, place the Pro Sonic toothbrush on the base to charge, and the battery indicator will turn on. It will automatically turn off when charging is complete.

How do I replace the battery in the Go Sonic?

Turn the battery cover counterclockwise and pull down the cover to remove it. Insert the battery, and replace the battery cover by turning clockwise.

How do I clean my Typhoon Water Flosser?

Daily Maintenance:  After using, dry off flosser with dry, clean towel land store in dry, safe location. 

Occasionally remove Nozzle and rinse with warm water. With nozzle removed, clean nozzle port with cotton swab to prevent bacteria from building up.

If bacteria is observed, use soap and water to clean the bacteria from the area.

If not using the Flosser for extended periods of time, empty reservoir water and let it dry out before storing Flosser.

DO NOT immerse the Flosser in water, it is not completely waterproof 

Skincare Devices

What is the difference between the Spade and the Strawberry?

The Strawberry cleanses, exfoliates and massages all-in-one. Its small size makes it perfect for use at home or to take with you to the gym or when traveling. The Spade is a sonic cleanser and massager. Somewhat larger than the Strawberry, the Spade has an ergonomic handle for a better grip and reach.

How do you charge the Strawberry?

The Strawberry has a nearly invisible charging port (hole) on the wave side of the device. Insert the DC pin into the hole and charge. Disconnect before using the device. Once the light is constant, this indicates that it is fully charged. Remove the charging cord from the device.

How do you charge the Spade?

Simply plug the cord into the Spade, then plug the USB cord into a USB port, and wait for the light to begin blinking. Once light stays constant, you're fully charged and you're ready to begin. Remove the charging cord from the device before using.


How do I brighten and dim the light on the Pedestal Makeup Mirror, the Fan Mirror and the Gooseneck Mirror?

All of our mirrors are LED activated and can be adjusted using the power button on the products. The same way you turn it on is the same way you can adjust the light by holding the button down until you are happy with the brightness.

General Information

Which products are covered under warranty? And for how long?

All of our products are covered under a 12-month limited warranty. However, we do not cover the shipping costs of items returned to us. If your product is, in fact, defective, it will either be repaired and sent back or a brand new product will be sent to you at our cost.

Can I return my products?

We offer free returns on all orders purchased from for 30 days. Item(s) must be unopened and unused for a full refund. Pop Sonic is not responsible for return shipping costs.

How much do you charge for shipping and how long will it take to receive my order?

All orders over $50 USD are free. Otherwise, a flat rate of $5 will be applied at checkout for shipping. Orders will ship out within one business day of the order being processed unless an item is on backorder; orders often take 24-48 hours to process. Your order will be shipped Standard Shipping via US Postal Service.

Can I combine discount offers?

Discounts codes or offers must be applied at the time of order. Only one discount can be used per order and discounts cannot be combined or applied retroactively.

I have a Medical Related Question

If you have any specific health related concerns about using any of the Pop Sonic products, please consult your medical professional or health care provider.

How do I get in touch with the Pop Sonic Customer Service team?

You can either fill out the form on the Contact Us page or give us a call at (631) 619 - 7122.