About Us

We all want to look our best and pamper ourselves. We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors and we all have different needs. So we asked ourselves, "Why can't our skincare and oral care products be more like us? Why can't they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors AND be affordable?" At Pop Sonic, we set out to create the highest quality products while making skincare and oral care affordable AND a lot more fun.

Skincare and Oral Care

We created a bright, colorful line of top-quality sonic toothbrushes and sonic water flossers including our hugely popular Go Sonic travel toothbrush available in 19 bold colors and designs (that's right, 19 colors for a toothbrush!), and our fully rechargeable USB Sonic and Pro Sonic toothbrushes. We developed a whole line of brightly colored, high-quality skin cleansers, massagers and exfoliators including our uniquely designed Spade, the multi-purpose Strawberry 3-in-1 and the Buff 2.0. We created a line of hair trimmers that are not only painless, but hair won't grow back darker and thicker. And they are so small, discreet and colorful, they look more like a lipstick or lip liner, able to fit in your purse and go anywhere you go!

Our LED Mirrors

We also created a fabulous line of LED mirrors, such as our on the go Compact Mirror that includes bright lights and a 5x magnification mirror, our Pedestal Makeup Mirror with a removable magnification mirror, the Millennial favorite Fan Mirror that includes a fan for perspiration-free makeup application, a detachable magnification mirror, and a smartphone stand, and our uniquely designed Gooseneck Mirror with 7x magnification that uses a high-quality suction mount to stick to almost any flat surface.

For Him

And specifically for the guys, among other things, we innovated shaving by creating the full-sized, ergonomically designed Glide Shaver and the compact Zip travel shaver, both in a range of fun colors. You could say we put the fun back into shaving!. And because guys also want bright white teeth and smooth, fabulous skin, we have sonic toothbrushes, facial cleansers, massagers, exfoliators and hair trimmers in our men's collection as well.

Products Built to Last

Pop Sonic products are more than just fun. They are built to last. Most of our products come with a one-year limited warranty and we test every product before we're ready to share them with the most important people we know - You!

Affordable Skincare and Oral Care Products

And finally, we build inspiring products that are affordable. Why pay over $100 for a sonic toothbrush when you can pay as little as $20 for the Go Sonic? Why break the bank and pay $200 for a facial cleanser when you can own a Pop Sonic Spade for less than $70?

Let's pamper ourselves. Let's look our best. Let's have fun while doing it. And let's make it affordable for everyone.

Thanks for POPping in!