For millions of children in the US, oral health care is out of reach. They live each day in pain. They miss school. They can't sleep. Even eating hurts. They lose teeth and risk dangerous infections that can be deadly.

Pop Sonic has partnered with America's ToothFairy to help raise awareness and provide oral care products to children in need.

Join us! Together we can make a difference!

For every Pop Sonic product you purchase on (including Oral Care products, Skin Care products, Men's World products and Mirrors), we'll donate a toothbrush to a child in need.

To thank you for your support, Pop Sonic will give you
35% off site wide!

Use promo code TOOTHFAIRY at checkout.


Millions of children are without access to dental services and face ongoing health consequences as a result, including untreated tooth decay and other, more intensive dental needs. As a resource provider, America's ToothFairy increases access to oral health care by supporting non-profit clinics and community partners delivering education, prevention and treatment services for underserved children. We work to ensure all children can access dental care and learn about oral health.

To learn more about America's ToothFairy visit:

To make a donation to America's ToothFairy, click here.


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