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TYPHOON Water Flosser


Get ready for the TYPHOON! Our beautifully designed new water flosser will blow the gunk from between your teeth with ease! With a rechargeable lithium ion battery, no longer do you have to be chained to your cord in order to clean your teeth. 

The Typhoon's water tank holds 5 ounces of water which will last on high speed for 30 seconds and on low for nearly 40 seconds. 

Make sure to charge your Typhoon for 2-3 hours and then unplug before using. Waterproof and powerful, your new little buddy with blast plaque from your gumline and has been proven to be much more effective than string flossing (see 

How to use: 

1. Fully charge your Typhoon before using (use any cell phone adapter with your USB cord).

2. Unplug and store the power cord 

3. Insert the flossing tip (found in the box) into the port, make sure it clicks in to place and is secure. An unsecure tip will cause water to leak. 

4. Fill the reservoir with water - we recommend luke warm water. 

5. Place the tip in your mouth and lean over a sink. Turn on the flosser and allow the water to flow out of your mouth and in to the sink (it is ok to swallow the water if you prefer). 

6. On high power (the first setting), the water will flow for approximately 30 seconds. On the second setting the water will flow for nearly 40 seconds. 

7. If you have not finished flossing and the water runs out, simply refill the tank and continue flossing. 

8. After finishing, make sure to drain any excess water out of the tank and allow to dry. 

NOTE: The tank is removable so that you more thoroughly clean if desired. Unplug and take out the tip before attempting to remove the tank. Grasp the tank and pull firmly downward and the tank should pop off. Clean and dry the tank before reattaching to the flosser unit.