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The Fusion make up applicator takes beauty one step further by adding Sonic vibrations to your routine. Proven to smooth out your makeup better than manual application, the Fusion is a groundbreaking invention that can make a rather mundane task fun and exhilarating. The sonic vibrations will massage your skin and increase blood flow leaving your skin vibrant and more radiant than ever before!


1. Apply makeup to Fusion

2. Turn Fusion on by pressing gray button on the bottom of the device

3. Then apply makeup to your skin. Repeat if necessary.

4. Wash Fusion as you normally would wash any blender but take out motor first. Though the motor is waterproof, it will be easier to wash and wring out without the motor in it. 

5. When you are ready to use Fusion again, simply insert the motor. 

6. When the vibration weakens, replace the 2 LR 44 cell batteries with new ones.

Comes with 2 replaceable LR44 cell batteries.