Cleanse. Massage. Infuse.

Spade Facial Cleansing Device

Cleanse, massage, and infuse your favorite skincare products into your face daily with the Pop Sonic SPADE. Soft silicone bristles on one side for cleansing and waves on the back for massaging and infusing, the Spade features more than 12,000 vibrations per minute, multiple speeds, an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and a perfectly angled head to reach every contour of your face.
Includes: One Spade facial cleansing device, USB charging cord, Instruction manual
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Your Go-To for fresh, radiant skin

The Spade is the perfect device for cleansing, massaging and infusing skincare products onto your face, neck and body – a perfect start to your morning skin care routine, or at the end of the day to remove dirt, oil and makeup residue from your pores.

  • More than 12,000 vibrations per minute with adjustable speeds and 2-minute timer with 20-second interval indicator
  • Soft, thin silicone bristles on the front designed for cleansing and waves on the back designed for massaging and infusing
  • Ergonomic handle designed for maximum comfort with perfectly angled head Made with antimicrobial poured silicone
  • Waterproof (IPX6)
  • Energy efficient with built in rechargeable lithium ion battery. USB Charger included.

Instruction Manual

using your Spade


  1. Remove makeup, dampen skin and apply your favorite cleanser either directly on your face or on the device.
  2. Turn on the Spade and set it to the speed that is most comfortable for you.
  3. Begin cleansing by moving the device in a circular motion around your forehead and brow area, working your way down to your cheeks, under your eyes, nose, chin and neck.
  4. Rinse and pat dry


  1. Massaging, using the wave side of the Spade, can be used with or without moisturizers or serums. To massage your face, neck or body, turn on the device and use the + - button to raise or lower the speed that feels most comfortable. Use the spade in a circular motion for a relaxing, rejuvenating massage.
  2. To infuse product, apply your favorite moisturizer or serum onto the wave side of the device or directly on your skin, and use in a circular motion.
  3. To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, use the wave side of the Spade, massaging the area in a circular motion until the product pauses, indicating that it is time to move to another area.



The Spade comes with a USB cord for easy re-charging. Simply plug the USB cord into your cell phone charger or any other USB port and the Spade charging indicator light will begin blinking. Once the light is constant, your Spade device is fully charged. Remove the USB cord before using. Charging your Spade will normally take 1-2 hours. A single charge will last up to 200 uses.


To turn on your Spade, press the center button. When activated, the Spade will be on the middle speed (Speed 8). If you press the button again, it will turn off. Once on, the Spade will cycle through 6 segments of 20 seconds each, pausing after each 20 second interval to indicate that it is time to move on to a different area. The Spade will turn off after 2 minutes. The device can be turned back on at any time to continue if not completed.


Cleansing Mode: Above the on/off button is the (+) button to increase the speed for CLEANSING. If you press this button once you will go from Speed 8 to Speed 9. Press it again and it will go to Speed 10, and so on up to speed 15 (more than 12,000 vibrations per minute). To reduce the speed, press the minus (-) button below the on/off switch until you reach the speed you desire.

Massaging Mode: Below the on/off button is the (-) button to decrease the speed for MASSAGING. If you press this button once, you will go from speed 8 to speed 7, which is a slightly slower vibration. Press the button again to decrease speed further, all the way to Speed 1. To increase speed, press the (+) button above the on/off switch until you reach the speed you desire.

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