The Go Everywhere Mirror

LED Compact Mirror

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Bold colors and fabulous designs on the outside, bright LED lights with both a regular and 5x magnification mirror on the inside, our Compact LED Mirrors are the perfect travel companion wherever you go.
Includes: One LED Compact Mirror, Replaceable Batteries, Instruction Manual
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The perfect view of you!

Get up close and personal with your skin! Whether you need a closeup view to create that smoky eye look, a makeup touch-up on the go, or the perfect travel mirror, this compact LED mirror is all you need. Slightly oversized for a better view, yet still small enough to fit everywhere, the 5x magnification and radiant LED lighting will ensure that you get the perfect view of you anytime, anywhere.

  • 4 long lasting batteries
  • 5X magnification on top mirror for close up view
  • Super bright LED lights
  • Large variety of colors and designs
  • 5" wide and conveniently fits in most handbags  

Instruction Manual

Take it with you everywhere you go!

Fits everywhere! Purse, makeup case, gym bag or travel bag, this compact mirror is the perfect tag along for work, a night out, at the gym, or wherever life may take you.

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