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Introducing our brand new SPADE sonic facial cleansing device. Designed to look a bit like a spade shovel, what makes this product so amazing, in addition to 15,000 vibrations per minute, is that it has an ergonomic handle and perfectly angled head. We put a lot of engineering into making the SPADE the best facial cleansing and massaging device your money could buy. 

Like our Leaf family of products, the SPADE is made with antimicrobial poured silicone - the softest and most advanced silicone available for home use. We have taken the best features - multiple speeds, USB charging, and sonic vibrations - and put them into the SPADE. 

What makes the SPADE different than the Leaf product is that 1. it has a handle 2. the bristles on the front are designed specifically for cleansing and are a bit thinner than the Leafs 3. the waves on the back are designed specifically for massaging. 

Like most PopSonic products, the SPADE is very energy efficient and will hold a charge for more than 200 uses so you are using very little energy compared to other companies products. We take pride in our engineering so that we can save energy yet still delivery loads of power. 

Cleanse, massage, and refresh your face daily with the Pop Sonic SPADE!

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