The Ultimate Sonic Toothbrush

Pro Sonic

Combining leading technology with patented design features, our dentist-recommended Pro Sonic rechargeable sonic toothbrush is the best sonic toothbrush you’ll ever own!
Includes: A Pro Sonic toothbrush, a charger, a snap on cap, 2 standard brush heads, a USB cord and UL adapter.
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Weighing in at a mere 2.4 ounces, don't let the weight fool you. Our advanced Pro Sonic toothbrush is 25% more powerful than the leading brands and our battery is super energy-efficient holding a charge for over 12 weeks!

  • 2 brushing modes: 40,000 Vibrations per minute and 31,000 vibrations per minute
  • Dupont contoured nylon bristles for hard to reach areas
  • Programmed with a quadrant pacer and 2-minute timer
  • Focused vibration for minimal splash
  • Advanced motor and battery for energy efficiency

*Not suitable for children under 12

Instruction Manual


To charge your Pro Sonic toothbrush, place the toothbrush on the base and plug your USB cord into the UL adapter (included). A single charge will last up to 12 weeks!

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