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*How do I charge my PROSonic toothbrush?
-Connect the supplied AC adapter to the a live outlet.  Place the PROSonic toothbrush on the charging stand.  The battery indicator light on the toothbrush will turn on.  The battery indicator will automatically turn off when the charge cycle is complete.  Remove from charger and store AC adapter until the next charge.  DO NOT keep on charger as it will deplete the battery.
*How do I change the battery on my GOSonic toothbrush?
-Remove the cap to the toothbrush. Hold the toothbrush head with one hand and the toothbrush base in the other.  Pull the base down as hard as you can.  You will not break the toothbrush.  Insert new battery and then close base tightly back onto the body.  
Changing toothbrush heads
*How do I change the toothbrush head on my PopSonic toothbrush?
-Hold the base of the toothbrush with one hand and then turn the head of the toothbrush counterclockwise to take off the head.  To replace simply put the the head back on the body and rotate clockwise to tighten.
*Why doesn’t the Leaf Bud turn on when I press the on/off button?
-Battery is depleted.
*Can I replace a depleted battery?
-No, the Leaf Bud’s battery is not replaceable.
*Why doesn’t the LED light come on when I plug in the charger?
-The battery may already be fully charged.
-The battery may be drained and will require a few minutes before it starts charging.
-Check the charging cable and USB port to make sure they are functioning properly.
*Why doesn’t the LEAFLET turnoff when I press the On/off button
-Battery is depleted, recharge your leaflet.
*How do I charge my LEAF or LEAFLET?
-A fully charged LEAF or LEAFLET will hold a charge for many weeks when used as directed.  When you start to feel the power of the vibrations becoming weaker, it is time to charge.  It comes with a USB cord for easy recharging.  Simply plug the USB cord into your computer or other USB port and the LEAF charging indicator light will begin blinking.  Once the light is constant, this indicates that it is fully charged and you should remove the charging cord from the Leaf or LEAFLET.  Charging will normally take 20-30 minutes.  Make sure to close the silicone closure completely to ensure that no water will enter the port.  
*What happens if I get water in my charging port?
-Pull out silicone closure and let air dry.  Take a blow drier and dry the port.
Cleaning and storing your LEAFBUD, LEAFLET, and LEAF
*The surface of the LEAFBUD, LEAFLET, or LEAF is eroding or degrading, why is this happening?
-Most likely the it has come in contact with a substance that damages silicone.  
-The better you take care of it, the longer life span it will have.  
-Thoroughly clean after every use by washing the surface with soap and water.  Pat dry with a lint free cloth.
-Never use products containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone to clean.
-Avoid using clay based, silicone based, or grainy cleaners, exfoliators, or scrubs as they may damage the soft silicone rubber.
Any additional help
*How can I get in touch with someone about my PopSonic product?
-Call our customer service center at (631) 619-7122.  If you do not reach a representative, leave a message and we will call you back promptly.
-E-mail us directly at