Trim Unwanted Hair. Anywhere.

Trimmer for Men

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Beard line uneven? Trim it! Eyebrows out of control? Trim it! Unsightly nose and ear hair? Trim it! This handy little device can be used at home or on the fly!
Includes: One Trimmer, one AAA battery, Instruction manual
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Trim It! Anywhere. Any time.

Beard line uneven? Trim it! Eyebrows looking like one long unibrow? Trim it! Unsightly nose and ear hair? Trim it! Simply install the AAA better that comes with your Trimmer and you are ready to trim any unwanted hair at any time.

  • Clean, close trim
  • Avoids thick grow back hair
  • Gentle on the skin - great for sensitive skin
  • Non-irritating trim head
  • Lightweight and compact

Instruction Manual

Using your Trimmer

Shaping Your Beard

To use the Trimmer on unwanted hair along the contours of your beard and/or mustache, simply turn it on and glide the blades over the surface of your skin - DO NOT PUSH HARD, this is not a shaver, it's a trimmer that should just graze the surface of your skin where the unwanted hair is being removed.

For Eyebrows

The Trimmer comes with a cutting guide for your eyebrows so you don't accidentally cut too much, and a handy little brush for cleaning the blades.

For Nose, Ears and Other Unwanted Hair

Your Trimmer can be used to trim nose hair, ear hair and any other unwanted hair you have - same rule though, don't push it onto your skin too hard!

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