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Water Flosser


Proven to remove more plaque better than traditional string flossing, our Flosser comes in 5 colors and each one is programmed with 3 speeds so you can find the most comfortable speed for you. With a long lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Flosser can run continuously for more than 10 minutes before it needs to be recharged. 

The Flosser comes with 3 removable flossing heads and more can be ordered if needed. 

Take better care of your teeth and gums by using our Flosser on a daily basis just before brushing. 

Using your Flosser (Pull off plastic tab covering the tip attachment port before using) : 

1. Charge for 3-4 hours before using. The Flosser does not come fully charged. As it is charging the speed lights will blink - first one light will blink, then the second will blink, and then the third. Once all 3 lights stop blinking but stay lit, the Flosser is fully charged. 

* Note: Plug your USB cord in to any cell phone charger to charge. If you use your computer USB port to charge, note that some computers quit charging when the go in to sleep mode. It is better to use a cell phone adapter. 

*Note: Flosser MUST be unplugged before you use it. It will not turn on if plugged in. 

*IMPORTANT: If no water flows out of Flosser but you can feel air, then you must prime the pump by sucking air thru the tip very briefly - water should then flow shortly after you do this. Or you can empty the water out of the reservoir and tip the flosser upside down for 10-15 seconds to get air out of the tube. However, the first step is most effective. This is a common issue with all water flossers so don't be worried.

2. Place a Flosser Tip into the hole port and push firmly into place, you should hear for feel a "click". This is very important and will create a watertight seal. If the tip is loose it will leak. 

3. Fill the reservoir with tap water (or any other kind of water). It is not recommended to add any oils or mouthwash to the reservoir. Simply open the reservoir by pulling open the rubber plug without detaching it. If it accidentally detaches it can be put back on very easily. 

4. Place the tip into your mouth and press the middle of the on/off button to begin the water stream. It will take a moment or two for the pump to bring water thru the tube to the tip. Once water starts flowing move the tip from tooth gap to tooth gap letting water flow for 2-3 seconds between each tooth. Take care to stay near the gumline as you move the flosser, this will help massage your gums and remove plaque as well. 

5. We recommend letting the water flow out of your mouth and into your sink while using. 

       Note: Try not to push the Flosser tip into your teeth or gums, it is best to keep the tip about 1/4 -1/2 inch away from your teeth and gums while using. 

It should take your anywhere from 40-80 seconds to fully floss your teeth with our Flosser. 

Water flossing has been proven to be more effective than traditional string flossing,removing 29% more plaque in a clinical study. 

Here is the study proving this claim, click the link to read about the study:




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