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This battery operated hair trimmer can accompany you wherever you go. Got a flyaway eyebrow hair? Trim it! Got some peach fuzz? Trim it! Bikini line need some attention? Trim it!

This handy little device can be used at home or on the fly. It comes with a AAA battery, simply install it with the correct polarity,  and BINGO, you are ready to trim any unwanted hair at any time. 

To use the Trimmer, simply turn it on and glide the blades over the surface of your skin - DO NOT PUSH HARD, this is not a shaver, it's a trimmer that should just graze the surface of your skin where the peach fuzz is being removed. 

The Trimmer also comes with a cutting guide for your eyebrows so you don't accidentally cut too much and a handy little brush for cleaning the blades. 

Last but not least, it can be used to trim nose and ear hairs as well - same rule though, don't push it into your skin too hard!

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