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GLIDE Shaver


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Check out our all new GLIDE shaver with 3 cutting blades! Not only do we have titanium blades with imported foil but we've added a 3rd blade to cut longer hairs before the titanium takes them down to the surface of your skin. This technology allows for the closest shave possible without any irritation. 

As an alternative to traditional blade shaving, sonic shaving can offer a multitude of upgrades including convenience, no need for shaving cream, little to no irritation, and much more. The GLIDE has been engineered to bring you longer battery life than other shavers and, by the way, is much better looking!

The GLIDE can be used dry, wet, or with shaving cream, it's up to you. If you use shaving cream, make sure to pop off the foil and rinse it out after every use. Your GLIDE is waterproof so don't worry about getting it wet. Just don't submerge in water for an extended period of time and DO NOT LEAVE PLUGGED IN if using around water.