Mirror, Fan and Cell Phone Stand, All-in-One!

LED Fan Mirror

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Utilizing cutting edge technology, our Fan Mirror incorporates adjustable LED light, 1x and 5x mirrors, a cooling breeze for perspiration-free makeup application, and a cell phone stand – all-in-one!
Includes: One LED Fan Mirror with cell phone stand, removable 5X magnification suction cup mirror, one USB charging cord, Instruction Manual
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Mirror Cooling Breeze Cell Phone Stand

The attachable 5x magnification mirror lets you get up close while the fan provides a cool breeze allowing for perspiration-free makeup application. Plus, the convenient cell phone stand allows you to watch your favorite beauty tutorial, your favorite series or simply have your cell phone close at hand.

  • 1X view on the larger mirror
  • 5X detachable suction cup mirror for up close magnification viewing
  • Adjustable LED light
  • 360˚ ventilation
  • The light and fan touch switches are independently controlled
  • The Lithium Ion battery lasts 45 minutes on a full charge
  • The fan mirror measures 7" x 7" to take up a minimal amount of space

Instruction Manual

Things to know


The larger mirror provides a natural view of you while the 5X removable suction cup mirror can attach to the front of the mirror for up close magnification viewing.

The Fan

For perspiration-free makeup application or to keep cool while doing your hair, simply press the fan button on the front of the mirror. The fan and the light are independently controlled with 2 separate switches on the front of the mirror.

Adjustable Brightness

The LED light of the Fan Mirror is adjustable - just hold the button down to dim then release the button and press again and hold to brighten.

Rechargeable Battery

With a rechargeable lithium battery, you can place your LED Fan Mirror anywhere without the need for a plug outlet or the worry about replacing expensive batteries, just recharge with the USB cord provided.

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