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Clean Out Your Closet: A Step By Step Guide

Posted by Pop Sonic on

If you're being honest with yourself, you have a lot of clothes. With fall quickly approaching, it's time to get cleaning. There is no time to hold back! Let us help you with a step by step guide to a fresh start.

Step One: The hanger trick

The first step is the easiest. Start by facing all your hangers in and when you wear that item of clothing, return it facing it in the other direction. That is the easiest way to see what clothes you are actually wearing. If you haven't worn it in ages, donate it! If you have articles of clothing that you bought years ago and only wore one time, you need to let it go.

Step Two: Organize by color and style

Start from the left of your closet with long sleeves from dark to light. Black, blue, green, red, yellow, and white. Choose the most dominant color in a patterned top if you are unsure where to place it. Next short sleeves, then tank tops, then dresses in the same color pattern. This will help you quickly choose what you are looking for and make better decisions when pairing your outfit. This is another time to be honest with yourself, do you even wear a certain color? Do you only buy stripes? Do you need the same shirt three times? Narrow each category down to one of each color in each category. If you only really wear one of them, keep that one and get rid of the others.

Step Three: Store off-season clothes

Think of what is in season. As fall approaches, put away your summer clothes into a storage bin to be kept until next summer. You do not need all your clothes in your closet at one time. This will unclutter your view to make more concise decisions. 

Step Four: Put nostalgia to good use 

So you still have your t-shirts from high school and college that hold special meaning to you. The only thing is, you never wear them. A perfect solution is to turn these tees into a t-shirt blanket! If you are crafty, you can make it yourself! Otherwise, there are many quilters who specialize in t-shirt quilt making. One of our favorite companies is Project Repeat.

Step Five: Donate

The Salvation Army is one of the best national organizations to donate your clothes to. Your donations to Salvation Army Family Stores help fund rehabilitation programs that heal addictions, change lives, and restore families. Check out your local community to see where you can fill the need. There may be a family in your neighborhood that could benefit from your closet. 


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